Tuesday, May 20, 2014

HardTop V

As a way to control arduino devices from a PC I'm thinking of an updated version of my HardTop protocol.

In this incarnation I would use Light rather than sound.

As a reminder, here's the old hardtop video from youtube.

My motivation is that I want a cheap and simple way to set-up the WiFi settings of an Arduino board. The board would have a WiFi chip, obviously. To use the WiFi I will need to setup the SSID and the WiFi password, but I don't want to burden the hardware with a display and keyboard for data entry. I figure if I have just a single light sensor on the board, I could blink the information into the arduino from the screen on a PC. I could write all the necessary code on the PC side as an HTML5+JavaScript application to flash a div

Blinking the display through Javascript, CSS and HTML5
Design Overview A light sensor attached to the arduino allows the modulated brightness of a square on the screen to signal a binary stream to the Arduino.  Different combinations of bright plus dark transitions indicate logic zero, logic one and framing information.

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